Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Life Changing Book

This book takes us on a fascinating journey seen through the eyes of a young North American who spends years in an ancient monastery in Tibet, learning the ancient teachings of the Children of the Law of One - a non-dogmatic spiritual order that's been around for thousands of years, stretching back to the time of the construction of the Great pyramid and before that, Atlantis. Although the ancient history of this order is fascinating, it serves merely as a background to their far more important spiritual teachings that range from the history and origin of Mankind to what's behind all the problems and suffering in this world and the solution to that. The Children of the law of One teach that all suffering is the result of people forgetting their oneness with everything and everyone in this Universe and through this ignorance, act selfishly. The solution therefore is people regaining that sense of oneness through practicing the Golden Rule of Loving others Unselfishly. I have never read anything this pure and profound - these teachings have the feel of unspoiled truth to them. My search for answers to all my spiritual questions that I couldn't get from any religion, books or people, were finally answered and put together in this book in a way that really makes sense. Their beautifully simple but extremely powerful message of Oneness through Unselfish Love has totally changed the course of my life, for the better. I have read many other spirituality books and I whole-heartedly agree with others who have read this book that this is one of, if not THE MOST PROFOUND SPIRITUAL BOOK EVER WRITTEN. I understand that's a huge statement to make, especially if written in capitals like that. So don't take my word for it - read this book, it may be the turning point in YOUR life!A viewer from CO, USA

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